A question of taste: Talos

Eoin French is a Cork-based architect who releases music under the name Talos. He is in Iceland this week playing as part of the Airwaves festival. www.talostalos.com 

Talos performing on stage at Live at St Luke's earlier this year. Picture: Jim Coughlan

Best recent book: Laurie Lee - As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning

Best recent film: Under The Skin.

Best recent show/exhibition/gig you’ve seen: It was a while ago, but the play DEEP about Sir Henrys was really great. Brilliant set design and a great performance. That was all before my time so it was interesting to see the story told in that way.

What formats do you access music? I tend to listen to music online for the most part. I do enjoy having something physical though, ie CD vinyl etc. But Spotify and certain blogs are my go-to’s.

Best piece of music you’ve been listening to lately (new or old): Tim Buckley’s ‘Song to the Siren’. An impeccable piece of songwriting.

First ever piece of music or art or film or gig that really moved you: Its a bit cheesy but my Dad and grandfather played a lot of Beethoven when I was growing up on an old out of tune piano my grandparents had. I think thats my first memory of music.

One of the first times I remember being really moved by art in general was when I was brought to Salvador Dali’s museum in Figueres as a kid. His work is something I consistently take great inspiration from.

The best gig or show you’ve ever seen: Wild Beasts in Cyprus Avenue in Cork in 2010. I don’t know will I ever have the same experience again at a live gig. It is one of the core reasons I make music.

TV viewing: It’s relatively non existent. I watch the big shows when they come around, True Detective, Breaking Bad etc. But Netflix has taken televisions place at the moment I’m afraid. Oddly (and embarrassingly) enough Id watch a lot of cooking shows, Masterchef was a guilty pleasure for a while.

Radio listening: The car is the only place I’d listen to radio really. Among the presenters I like are Paul Mcloon, Stevie G, Dan Hegarty, Louise Mcsharry, Ashley Keating.

Name four of your music heroes: This is a tricky one as this changes for me on a weekly basis. Something that might sum it up could be Dr Dre, Caribou, David Bowie and Kate Bush.

Tech habits: what you use, and what you use it for: I use a Mac and a PC. Mac for Logic and Abelton [music production tools]. PC for 3ds Max,CAD, Photoshop... the boring stuff!


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