A Question of Taste: Stevie G

STEVIE ‘G’ Grainger is a DJ on Red FM in Cork, and releases music on his Soul Jamz label. He’s bringing his Vinyl Love night to the Odessa in Dublin on March 22 in aid of marriage equality.

Best recent book: Graphic novels on hip-hop history by Ed Piskor, who has produced some amazing comics on the early days of rap.

Best recent film: I watched Metro Manila the other night.


Also, I caught up with all of Paolo Sorrentino’s movies over Christmas. The most recent, The Great Beauty, was enjoyable.

Best recent show/performance: Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings in Cork Opera House.


The support act, Saun & Starr, are great, too, and Lee Fields was also on the bill.

What formats do you access music? I am a record junkie and still buy lots of vinyl, where possible.

I use CDs in the car and use iTunes quite a bit for organising music for digital sets.

I use Spotify to promote my own label and playlists, but don’t listen to music on it.

Best piece of music you’ve been listening to lately: I’m enjoying new music from Shamir, Vic Mensa, Jhene Aiko, Leon Bridges, Childish Gambino and Fracture right now.


And revisiting lots of Aaliyah and early Timbaland productions.

The classics, such as Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke, too.

First ever piece of music or art that really moved you: I remember as a kid listening to albums like Thriller and The Unforgettable Fire intensely.

One movie that grabbed me really early was Rumble Fish, by Francis Ford Coppola. It still stands up.

TV viewing: I’d have to say it’s pretty much non-existent, bar soccer. The real thing at Turners Cross is more fun than watching Man United at the moment, though!

I do manage the odd big TV show, like Breaking Bad.

Radio listening: Mostly music in the car and sometimes, after a gig, I unwind with some talk radio during a long drive.

Go Deep on RedFM and Talking History on Newstalk are top class.

Best recent holiday or weekend break: My sister-in-law’s wedding in Liss Ard in West Cork.

Your best celebrity encounter: I’ve met most of the big hip-hop artists through the years, but I always get asked about Kanye West, who turned up for an impromptu gig at our Jam night in Cork in 2009.

He was intensely concentrating on the music, even after his own gig.

Also, he was actually really polite and very respectful, which is the last thing people want to hear!

Best animal encounter: I got chased by a Pelican at Dublin Zoo as a kid. Thanks for bringing it up!

Most expensive item of clothing you’ve ever bought: I blew a couple of hundred on a vintage leather jacket once, on my honeymoon in Miami.

It later got lifted from the dressing room in the Pav during a gig.

Tech habits: If I’m not using vinyl, I’ll do DJ using Serato on my Macbook, with Pioneer CD decks or Technics turntables.

My Rane mixer is at the core of my music set-up. Been using Rane since Sir Henrys in the mid-1990s. They are amazing sonically.

I produce music mainly using the Maschine drum machine with the Macbook and turntables, and I write most of my lyrics on my phone or iPad.

The phone and Mac are pretty essential when it comes to running a record label, club nights and recording music.

Health and fitness: I’ve lost the half-yard that I never had, but I love soccer and still play once or twice a week.

I’ve been a vegetarian all my life, so eat pretty well, I guess, but like most of us I’m vowing to get a bit more exercise

Unsung heroes: There are many, even in Cork alone, who have helped push our music scene.

The likes of Joe Kelly have been very important for years and also the independent record shops, such as Plug’d and others here, plus All City, in Dublin, and many more.

They are all at the hub of some special things that we take for granted.

You are king for a day — what’s your first decree? No more closing down parties at 2am.

And I’d force through a Yes in the marriage equality bill.


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