A question of taste - David Gillick

DAVID GILLICK is one of Ireland’s most successful sprinters of all time, and also won Irish Celebrity MasterChef in 2013. He is currently supporting people taking part in the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin on June 1 by preparing sample meal planners and sharing some of his favourite recipes. For further info: vhiwomensminimarathon.ie

Best recent book:

Night Games, by Anna Krien. It’s a look into the dark side of Australian Rules Football… very interesting.

Best recent film:

I only recently watched Atonement and thought it was great.

Best recent show/performance you’ve seen:

The Body Worlds exhibition was amazing. To see the body and all its insides was fascinating.

What formats do you access music?

I use Spotify an awful lot — on the TV, phone and now I plug it into the car.

Best piece of music you’ve been listening to lately:

Recently I find myself listen to The Augustines’ album.

Musical heroes:

I wouldn’t say I have any big heroes but after travelling around the world with athletics, it is always great to hear Irish artists getting air time on foreign radios.

First ever piece of music or art or film or gig that really moved you:

When I was competing, music was a big part of my pre-race warm-up routine. I had all sorts on my iPod and depending on my mood I always had something to get me moving. My standouts were Coldplay, ‘Strawberry Swing’; Doves, ‘Pounding’ and The Maccabees ‘Pelican’.

Tell us about your TV viewing:

Netflix has taken over my life. I’m going through box set after box set. Currently catching up on House of Cards with is great after flying though all the series of The Missing.

Radio listening:

I always tune into Louise Duffy on Today FM. I really like the music she plays, a good balance between new pop and alternative tunes.

Favourite sports pundit:

More of a presenter but Clare Balding. I do enjoy listening to Dunphy for entertainment and I think Richie Sadlier is doing well also. I also always tune into Newstalk — I think Ger Gilroy is brilliant at what he does. Second Captains is also a great show.

Best recent holiday or weekend break:

I went to Cascais near Lisbon for a wedding and really enjoyed the area.

Best celebrity encounter:

Having grown up as 400m athlete Michael Johnston (USA, current world 400m record holder) was my idol. After running in a Golden League race in Rome, I was walking past him and he said ‘Good job, Irish!’.

Most expensive item of clothing you’ve ever bought — what was it and how much:

A good few years I decided I needed a suit for a TV appearance. I was living in the UK and I didn’t know a whole lot about where to go. I should have known when I couldn’t see a price tag. Before I knew it, it was in the bag and I was walking out the door with a doomed feeling in my stomach... I’d still rather not say the price!

Tech habits:

I use Spotify, Twitter, Banking, BBC Sport and of course the Vhi Womens Mini Marathon apps are my regular apps. To be honest, I don’t have enough storage for anything else.


Unsung hero — individual or group that don’t get the praise they deserve:

As a minority sports person in a country where team sports are so dominant, I think individual sports people should get more praise. It’s hard on your own, you are your own CEO and have to build a lot of your own structures and support team, a lot of which is taken for granted by teams.

You are king for a day — what’s your first decree?

The serious one is sport would become compulsory every Wednesday afternoon in universities and schools; and the even more serious one is the Kardashians should be banned from TV. The wife is glued to the brain-numbing stuff!  




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