YouTube hit may help in selling this House Outside

THE Irish property market might have gone down the U-bend, but YouTube could well have come to the rescue of a distressed Irish house seller... if her bank allows.

Writer Jillian Godsil used the site to find a quick buyer for her beautifully restored period house in the winsomely titled and picturesque village of Shillelagh, Wicklow.

An enterprising Ms Godsil put the former dream family home, Raheengraney House, up for sale in March and released the details via a viral video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites.

Her video and sales pitch tickled the online community so much that she made the New York Times and Huffington Post, who lapped up her story lock, stock and shillelagh.

“It’s not quite Rubberbandits Horse Outside which had six million views, but 10,000 views is great for a property sale,” she said of her own “House Outside” online hit.

The brief video mixes whimsy with pathos and the whiff of a bargain — the latter encouraging a British-based Irish buyer to bid €500,000 for the house and to pay a deposit.

Ms Godsil’s online sales spiel begins quite fairytale-like: “Once upon a time Jillian was looking for a dream house in the country.”

It goes on to detail tender ministrations of what was a €100k wreck, with luscious images of the finished project. Then, to the same twinkling music soundtrack it concludes: “... and lived happily ever after, with her husband and children. Actually, she got divorced instead. Which is great news, because you can now buy Jillian’s dream home for only €500,000, instead of €1.6 million.”

In light of her selling success she has been asked to try and sell a few other properties for others — even though her brother Richard is an auctioneer.

Ms Godsil also notes ruefully there’s still a mortgage of €900,000 plus €100,000 in arrears on the house so deciding to let it go for €500,000 offered will be down to her bank.


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