You know you’re Irish when... you’ve seen these videos

A singing priest, a talking orange, and a biting brother — no, it’s not the start of a dodgy joke, it’s a list of Ireland’s most viewed videos on YouTube.

Google has released the list to celebrate 10 years of YouTube — and the mix is eclectic, to say the least.

The most viewed video in the country is still the short and sweet ‘Charlie bit my finger — again’. Uploaded in 2007, the 55-second clip features two brothers from England: Harry, 3, and his 1-year-old sibling Charlie.

In the unlikely event that you still haven’t seen the clip, which has more than 820m hits and is the most viewed non-music video of all time, I’m sure you can probably guess what happens. Cheeky Charlie likes biting fingers, and Harry isn’t too happy about it.


Two videos from Cork animator Jason Sullivan are the second- and third-most viewed videos in Ireland: both ‘Tommy’ and ‘I Can’t Do It’ from the Kanturk man’s Sminky Shorts series make the cut. Combined, the comic clips have amassed more than 5m views.

‘The Ultimate Dog Tease’ comes in at number four. With more than 169m views, the video is a worldwide favourite, not just an Irish one.

Uploaded by Andrew Grantham in 2011, the video shows a talking dog, distraught that his owner is teasing him about all the food he ate from the fridge.

The next most popular clip is ‘The Annoying Orange’, a talking orange that enjoys annoying his fellow fruit, followed by an entry from public broadcaster RTÉ which lands a starring role in the lineup thanks to The Republic of Telly skit ‘You Know You’re Irish When...’

The segment pokes fun at Irish idiosyncrasies: An Irish mother’s obsession with Mass features heavily, while teens can be seen raving about clothes from Penneys and drinking copious amounts of tea.

Other entries include Fr Ray Kelly, the singing priest, who sang a beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ as a surprise at an Irish couple’s wedding, and Lucy Spraggan’s audition on The X Factor.



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