Woman was kicked in the head, court hears

A middle-aged man became concerned about screams from a woman next door and when he called to the house to see if she was OK, he was kicked in the groin by the woman’s attacker.

Kevin Geary, of 15 Closes Green, Farranree, Cork, pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to a woman and a second charge of assaulting the man. Geary brought €2,000 compensation to Cork District Court for the woman and €500 for the man.

Joseph Cuddigan, defending, said: “When Mr Geary woke up the following morning he realised something outlandish and outrageous had occurred. Of his own accord he went to the Garda station the next day and in effect he said, whatever happened he was putting his hands up to it.”

Judge Olann Kelleher noted that Geary had convictions for offences before these two assaults. “Then he drinks and carries out an unprovoked attack on this unfortunate woman and on the man next door. He cannot avoid a custodial sentence for kicking this lady in the head,” said the judge.

Geary was sentenced to five months in prison for assaulting her and a concurrent three months for the lesser assault on the man who came to her assistance.

Mr Cuddigan asked the judge if he would consider a community service order instead. The judge said it had to be a jail term, particularly for the unprovoked attack on the woman which had long-lasting effects for her.

Cash bail in the event of an appeal was set at €500, together with an independent surety of €500.

Inspector Finbarr O’Sullivan said the woman was getting phonecalls from Geary when he was drinking and she was in another house at Hollyville, Grange, Douglas, with friends on August 18, 2017. He wanted to know who she was with and arrived at the house. He kicked and punched her in the head.

“Others were so frightened in the house that one of them climbed out a window to get help. Witnesses saw him kicking and punching the woman on the floor,” said Insp O’Sullivan.

Mr Cuddigan said: “A major factor is that he abandoned drinking once and for all on the day following the incident.”

He said Geary, at 33 years of age, had taken some time to realise he had a drink problem but realises it now and has also signed up for an anger management programme.

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