Woman’s head was slammed on ground during assault

A Chinese woman who slammed another Chinese woman’s head on the ground in a daylight assault in Cork City paid €500 compensation to the victim and was given a suspended sentence.

Xia Lin, aged 34, of 1 Cathedral St, Shandon, Cork, was given the suspended term yesterday by Judge John King at Cork District Court. She had pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to Lin Chaun Jacky Lai, aged 30.

Defence solicitor, Donal Daly, said:

“The background is all very complex. There is business rivalry, possibly romantic rivalry. Nothing like this will ever happen again.”

Judge King asked if the accused had any compensation to offer. The defendant said through solicitor Shane Collins-Daly her resources were limited, that she had four children, and was on just over €200 per week in social welfare. The victim expressed a different view through an interpreter. “She is full of money,” she said.

Judge King said the custodial sentence was suspended on condition she stay away from the injured party, have no contact with her directly or indirectly and generally be of good behaviour.

Garda Joseph Pigott had described how he witnessed the assault when he came on duty at 7pm on October 1, 2016.

“I observed a female chasing another female on the street. I made my way out of the station. When I arrived I found Ms Lin slamming the injured party’s head on the ground. She held on to the injured party’s hair and scratched her face. The injured party showed me her front teeth were loose. Her injuries were very apparent and blood was coming from her right cheek.”


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