Woman intimidated rape victim ahead of trial

A rape victim due to give evidence in a criminal trial was put in fear by a woman who made intimidating comments to her in May 2011, before the trial began.

Garda Alison O’Flynn said the unnamed woman was due to testify in a rape trial when she was confronted by Angelique Arundel, formerly of Shannon Lawn, Mayfield, Cork, but now living in Tipperary.

Arundel, 27, approached the woman in Cork City centre in the middle of the day, and called the woman “a fucking prostitute, a fucking alcoholic, and a whore”.

The woman went into McDonald’s on Daunt Square to get some protection from the tirade of abuse but Arundel followed her into the restaurant, where the verbal abuse continued for another two minutes.

“She was shouting at the top of her voice and the incident was caught on CCTV,” said Garda O’Flynn.

“She was arrested two or three days later and admitted she threatened to kill [the rape victim].”

Arundel was arrested this week and remanded in custody for a few days, pending her appearance at Cork Circuit Criminal Court.

She was arrested on a bench warrant following her failure to appear previously.

Arundel was released on bail to attend a Holy Communion and will be sentenced on Jun 24 on a charge of menacing, intimidating, or putting in fear a witness to court proceedings on May 23, 2011.

The man accused of raping the woman has since been convicted and sentenced.

While Judge Patrick J Moran agreed to put sentencing back for one month, he said it was solely to allow Arundel to attend the Holy Communion.

“I am certainly not adjourning it to give her a chance,” said the judge. “She has had her opportunities.”

Arundel apologised for her interference with the rape victim.

“I am very sorry about what happened that day,” Arundel said through her barrister, Niamh Stewart. “I am very sorry. I had a lot of drink taken. I was out all night. I bumped into her that morning. I was intoxicated with drink and drugs. I was not in my right senses.”

The court heard Arundel was addicted to alcohol and prescription drugs.

Arundel said the few days she spent in custody this week were traumatic for her.

She was due to face sentencing last June and a bench warrant was issued for her arrest when she failed to turn up. That warrant was executed when she came to the attention of gardaí during a public order incident this week.

While Arundel had nothing to do with the rape case, she was familiar with details of it.


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