‘We’re going to be Jepic’

It’s make or break time for Irish pop duo Jedward tonight when they strut their stuff in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The wacky pair will be on last, after successfully drawing a wild card which allowed them to choose their place in the running order.

And yesterday they unveiled their “heartthrob look” in blue pinstripe suits from Louis Copeland, red ties and blue shoes with gemstones on the heels when they met up with Sabina, who won the contest last year for Azerbaijan.

John revealed: “Sabina was super cool and really sweet. But there’s a lot of pressure on her to win for Azerbaijan a second year in a row. But I don’t think so — because we’re going to win! We’re going out there to rock it. We have amazing vocals and an amazing dance routine. We hope every country gets behind us.

“We’re anxious to just get the performance done, there’s been a lot of build-up. We’ve been here over a week. We’re totally focussed. We’re going to be totally awesome and Jepic.”

After the meet and greet with Sabina, they headed to dress rehearsals at the Crystal Hall and late last night performed onstage for the ‘jury vote’, which makes up 50% of the overall semi-final vote.

A member of the Irish contingent revealed: “Last year Jedward scored a higher vote from the jury than from the public. So essentially they’re performing twice, but tonight is televised. They’re very optimistic as usual and are stealing the limelight wherever they go. They have an entourage that follows them around all the places they visit.”

Yesterday was also the first time they unveiled their ‘flat hair’ in Azerbaijan. Edward revealed: “Everyone was shocked. It was tragic for them, but I think they’re getting used to it.”

And the two pet rabbits, Euro and Vision, they bought last week in a market in the old city are still living with them in their hotel room — although Euro peed on a bed yesterday morning.

The zany performers from Lucan in Dublin initially smuggled them in and moved them into other rooms when maids came to clean their own one.

One of their entourage revealed: “The hotel management know the rabbits — christened Euro and Vision by the twins — are there, but they’re turning a blind eye.

“The executive chef there is an Irish man named Thomas Brosnan and he seems to be pulling strings for them.”

Jedward plan to give the rabbits as a gift to their guide Fouad when they leave the country.

They revealed: “We’re feeding them rabbit food. When we get room service we ask for carrots and corn and we ask them to chop the carrots up really small.

“They’re confident rabbits. Rabbits at home are scared, but these are cool. They bounce around our room.

“We also haven’t really spent much time out in the sun yet as we want to stay pale.

“And we aren’t allowed to walk the streets of Baku on our own. We have police escorts, we have undercover cops, extra security. We were told we’re the only delegation with extra security. The president of Azerbaijan wants us to be safe.”

Onstage tonight they will be wearing designer outfits by Venetia Ercolani.

Coverage of the semi-final starts at 8pm on RTÉ Two.


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