Warm front to bring bank holiday cheer

IT is good news for the bank holiday as temperatures are set to rise as the weekend approaches.

The temperature will start edging toward the high teens in the middle of the week, while on Thursday and Friday, it may go above 22ºC.

On Saturday it will stay warm and dry with lots of sunshine.

Although the dry weather is expected to hold until early next week, the temperatures will fall back to the mid-teens by Sunday and Monday.

Rainfall this week will be light in most places and should stop completely by early Thursday morning.

Winds will also become lighter as the week goes on.

This is welcome news after the harsh weather in May.

Ruth Coughlan of Met Éireann said: “In general, May was more windy than in previous years, it was one of the dullest on record although mean temperatures were above average for the month across the country.”

Belmullet in Co Mayo recorded its wettest month in 25 years and the second wettest since records began in the 1950s in May.

The weather station also recorded its highest gust for May in 50 years with 78 knots on May 23.

Meanwhile, there has been below average sunshine in general, especially in the south and south-west. Valentia Island has had its dullest May in 30 years while Shannon and Cork airports recorded their dullest May in 12 years. However, mean temperatures have been above average from 0.5ºC in Cork Airport to 1.5ºC in Casement Aerodrome in Co Dublin.


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