War of words as lotto winner dances on Haughey’s grave

A CORK lotto jackpot winner has prompted a war of words after posting a video on YouTube which shows him dancing on the grave of former taoiseach Charles Haughey.

During the almost nine-minute posting on the video-sharing website, Vincent Keaney describes dancing a jig on Mr Haughey’s grave at St Fintan’s cemetery in Sutton as his “greatest moment”.

Before stepping on to the grave he tells the camera the former taoiseach’s kind “were the greatest crooks who we are now paying for”.

“His kind was filth in limousines. Now his country is paying for the mess up and mistakes of that filth,” he said.

“Even the man’s grave flowers are withered. They are not worth a tuppenny damn, no more than his memory.”

He said that like Judas Iscariot, Charles Haughey had “sold the country for 30 pieces of silver for his own gain”.

“He corrupted a Fianna Fáil party that was once elegant and important,” he said. “For everyone in Ireland who now hates the fucker, I now wish to do a little act of protest here. Charles J this is for everyone I know who now hates you.”

After dancing for a number of seconds on the grave he told the camera: “The likes of me who is complaining about your legacy has every right to come up here and dance on your grave. Haughey, burn in hell you bastard.”

The video ends with the caption “Vincent Keaney’s one man protest September 2, 2010”.

A spokesman for Mr Haughey’s son, Sean, a junior minister in the Department of Education, said he would not be making any comment on the video.

While a number of viewers of the clip said they agreed with Mr Keaney’s sentiments many condemned as “disrespectful” his behaviour.

“You might not like Haughey, but to dance on his grave is a complete lack of respect for anyone and especially his family,” wrote one.

“It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of Haughey or how much he’s hated, the fact is that this man was low enough to dance on a grave!!? to everyone who is commending him, how would u feel if someone did this to a grave of someone u love? its sick!” wrote another viewer.

Mr Keaney hit the headlines when he won approximately IR£1 million in the Lotto draw in 1994. He spent a large chunk of money on a pub and restaurant inspired by the Titanic.


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