VIDEO: Footage shows killer during police interview

Karen Buckley had only been in Glasgow for a few months when she was brutally murdered by Alexander Pacteau.

The 24-year-old had travelled the world, to countries including South Africa and Thailand. She was an outgoing woman who “thoroughly enjoyed life”.

A qualified nurse, she was a hard worker and had decided to study for a master’s degree in occupational health therapy.

She left her job at a hospital in Essex and moved to Scotland to start a course at Glasgow Caledonian University in January.

She was getting to know the city, studying hard, and going on nights out while making new friends with three others who she lived with in a flat in the Garnethill area.

On Saturday, April 11, they decided to go to a nightclub in the city’s west end. It was not somewhere they went regularly but they were new to Glasgow and were exploring different venues.

They arrived at the club at around 11.45pm, but for unknown reasons, Ms Buckley decided to leave on her own just over an hour later.

She is thought to have told friends she was going to the toilet but failed to return and did not take her jacket.

She was spotted on CCTV talking to Pacteau outside the club on Dumbarton Rd. She was never seen again and what they spoke about remains a mystery.

Police released some of their CCTV footage of Pacteau being interviewed about the night that Ms Buckley died.

Dressed in a dark polo-neck T-shirt, the killer sits with hands clasped just in front of a white plastic cup, his head bowed and avoiding eye contact.

He is asked: “You say you were in the Sanctuary nightclub on the Saturday night until the Sunday morning. When did you arrive there at Sanctuary nightclub?”

VIDEO: Footage shows killer during police interview

Without looking up at the interviewer, he replies in a soft, hesitant voice, “about 11.20pm”.

He is then asked who he was with, to which he replies: “I was with seven friends. They had all been up to my house before we went to the Sanctuary.”

He glances up briefly at the police interviewer as he finishes that sentence.

He is then asked at what point he first saw Ms Buckley and he says it was outside the club.

Slowly rubbing his head twice and still looking down, he says: “I met her outside the Sanctuary on Saturday night, Sunday morning. It was around one o’clock.”

Minutes later, he beat her to death.


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