VIDEO: ActionAid Ireland launches ’Safe Cities for Women’ campaign

Human rights organisation, ActionAid Ireland, has unveiled a new video to launch its ’Safe Cities for Women in Ireland’ campaign.

The campaign launch consists of an interactive art exhibition in Filmbase, Temple Bar, Dublin which will run from the 28 to the 31 of July

The interactive exhibition will showcase pieces from a variety of artists that illustrate their unique understanding of what a safe (or unsafe) city looks like.

Different types of artworks such as paintings, sound effects, illustrations, photography, prints and fabric will be displayed.

The exhibition aims to raise awareness of violence against women in public areas across the world.

“The goal of the Safe Cities for Women campaign is to reduce women's experience and fear of sexual violence in cities and urban spaces and to help them uphold their rights to equal access to all public and urban spaces." said Olga McDonogh, CEO of ActionAid Ireland.

"To do this, the violence must be recognised and acted upon by decision-makers and made a political priority. We hope the exhibition will raise awareness and get Irish people thinking about the issues relating to urbanisation and sexual violence both here in Ireland and in the global south.”

In addition, street artist Jess Tobin has created outdoor work, which reflect the theme of Safe Cities, which will be put on public display at the Bernard Shaw, South Richmond Street in Dublin 2.

This outdoor display of artwork will be available to the public until the 3rd of August.

A photography exhibition, displaying a range of photographs taken by ActionAid staff across the globe, will be touring Dublin Libraries from August until October.

ActionAid Ireland have created a video explaining the campaign which explains the campaign and the exhibitions.

“What a Safe City means to Me” takes place from 28th to 31st of July.

For more information on ActionAid Ireland visit their Facebook, Twitter or website.


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