Victoria relives fond memories of her Irish wedding

Victoria Beckham has revealed Dublin holds a special place in her heart because she walked down the aisle in the capital.

The mother of four said she has special memories of the day she and David Beckham sat on matching thrones at their fairytale wedding in Luttrellstown Castle in Jul 1999.

The fashion designer told RTÉ’s John Murray Show that she loves returning to the place where she said “I do”.

“Dublin is a very special place to myself and David because it’s where we got married. It’s great to come back. I haven’t been here in a long, long time.”

The first lady of fashion also praised her Irish customers for their style.

“The women here really understand fashion. They are very chic and elegant. To come here and meet my customer is priceless for me.

“I genuinely love Irish women. There is a real energy here. Everyone is so warm and kind.”

She said her new line, Victoria, Victoria Beckham, showcases the fun side of her personality and conceded that she was often misunderstood as moody.

“This collection shows a different side to me because I do like to have fun.

“It is a slightly looser shape and it channels my inner girl. It’s shorter and very girly and fun. I want to empower women and make them feel good about themselves. I don’t consider it a job. I love every minute of it.

“I can bring my kids to work. David loves what he does. It’s real.”

Victoria said that even though the Beckhams lead an incredibly privileged lifestyle, her four children were far from spoiled and have always been schooled on good behaviour.

“They are normal kids and like to have fun. They have good personalities and are not repressed in any way.

“They are incredibly well-behaved but they are also free spirits. Myself and David have always been very strict with the boys and Harper as well.”

And she said the Beckhams are quite happy to base themselves in sunny Los Angeles for the foreseeable future.

“I come to London and my team come to me. We live in LA because David works in LA. We love America and the kids are happy at school.”

But the former Spice Girl said she has to juggle her commitments like any other working mother.

“Every working mum finds it difficult. It’s no different for me when you are juggling. I have help but it still tough. I’m never going to complain. I’m really lucky but being a working mum has its ups and downs.

“At the moment, four is a lot. We are very hands-on parents. Maybe there will be another one. Who knows? But at the moment I want to enjoy the children I’ve got.”


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