US vice-president Joe Biden set to make visit to Ireland next month

US vice-president Joe Biden is set to make a four-day visit to Ireland at the end of next month.

White House sources confirmed the visit which comes after years of promises by the vice-president that he would come to Ireland for a round of golf.

His visit will be seen as an approval of the new administration here and will be a boost to Enda Kenny, who struggled to form a government in recent months.

Mr Biden is expected to bring his family on the trip and the two-time vice-president is set to visit his family roots and ancestry in Co Mayo, which is Mr Kenny’s home county.

The vice-president’s mother’s name was Catherine Eugenia Finnegan Biden and her family had strong ties in North Mayo. Townlands outside of Ballina were home to Mr Biden’s ancestors.

Mr Biden’s Irish ancestry is also well known in the White House, where a secret code name used by the US secret service for him previously was “Celtic”.

While Mr Biden has made several quick stops in Ireland during pass-through visits, he has continuously promised Mr Kenny that the two would eventually enjoy a round of golf together.

Mr Kenny is a life honorary member of the golf club in his home town of Castlebar. But he also flagged previously on one trip to the US that Mr Biden should come and play at Bellmullet.

US vice-president Joe Biden set to make visit to Ireland next month

The US embassy refused to comment on the vice-president’s visit when contacted, as did the Department of Foreign Affairs.

But White House sources confirmed the trip is set to take place at the end of June. The trip will follow Britain’s vote on whether it should leave or remain the EU.

One source said the US vice-president was likely to bring his family.

Mr Kenny previously told Mr Biden at a St Patrick’s Day breakfast earlier this year in the US that he “would be able” to put together a stable government.

This followed Fine Gael’s losses in the general election and the failure by the acting Taoiseach to put together a government.

The vice president at the time said: “I can assure you if you ran in America you would get 80% of the vote.”


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