US businesses will not be put off by ‘double Irish’ removal: Ambassador

Kevin F O'Malley with President Higgins

The recently appointed US ambassador to Ireland has said that he does not believe the phasing out of the controversial "double Irish" tax scheme will dissuade American businesses from coming to Ireland.

Kevin F O’Malley made the comments during his first official visit to Cork yesterday, during which he will give a lecture to law students at UCC, met the lord mayor at City Hall, and toured the National Maritime College of Ireland and the Irish Maritime Energy Resource Cluster in Ringaskiddy.

“I don’t think it will have an affect on American companies coming to Ireland,” he said in UCC.

“I think taxation is one of multiple factors that companies consider when locating in another country, and I think people should consider the tax implications of what their business is going to be.

“But I think that the elimination of the double Irish is not going to discourage anyone and I wonder if it isn’t going to encourage people?”

“The more we all talk about things like double Irish, the less we are talking about a highly-qualified, highly-educated, dedicated workforce that speaks English, that is in the EU and is strategically located in the EU, which I would really prefer to be talking about.

On the issue of so-called “undocumented Irish”, Mr O’Malley said US President Barack Obama was in the process of examining the situation and will shortly announce his decision.

“It is a problem that he has talked about a great deal, not just the Irish, but the whole issue of what we call comprehensive immigration reform,” said Mr O’Malley.


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