Up to their necks in it for record bid

IT seems the good people of Louth are literally the best in the business when it comes to burying themselves in sand.

Our politicians are often accused of burying their heads in the sand for the past few years, but this record attempt was to bury every other part of the body.

More than 500 people turned up at the Clogherhead Prawn Festival on Saturday to be literally buried up to their necks in an effort to beat the previous world record of 342 which was set in France.

And beat it they did.

It’s certainly a different way to spend your Saturday but, given the smiles on the participants’ faces, it was an altogether enjoyable experience to be part of a world record.

This was no simple matter of people turning up on the day and hoping for the best.

Organisers of the festival had put in the groundwork and had even found five brave souls to put in a trial run in order to pass on advice to volunteers about how best to prepare for the event. Below is just a snippet of what those sand-burying veterans advised.

“Wear your swimming togs as it got uncomfortable in my clothes,” said Olivia Monaghan from Clogherhead

Wise words indeed. Others reminded participants of the needs for protective eyewear and comfortable cushions.

“Make sure you bring your sun glasses or even swimming goggles as the sand was blowing in my eyes at times,” said Caitlin Young of Grangebellew.

“When you are buried, the helper should make a cushion of sand behind your head so you can see what’s going on around you,” advised chairman of the festival Pat Lynch.

Frank Godfrey even got buried in a boiler suit and wellington boots, perhaps not the brightest idea in the world.

However, the groundwork paid off. With a huge crowd turning up on the day, the record was successfully broken.

Louth may have had no luck in Croke Park a couple of weeks back, but no one can take this record away from them.


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