Unlucky in love as romantic date ends in €1,500 fine

An evening with wine in the home of an Italian man in Kenmare, Co Kerry, did not meet the romantic expectations of a Polish woman after he told her he did not want to settle down, and the relationship would not be permanent.

She wanted to leave but had a flat tyre. An argument ensued over a glass of beer which the man’s solicitor said they were both sipping from and the lady ended up having to fly to Poland for €300 of dental work, Kenmare District Court heard.

Claudio Guaseavimo, of Golf Links House, Killowen Rd, Kenmare, Co Kerry, will now have to pay €1,500 to the Polish woman, as well as €750 to the court poor box if he is to avoid a conviction for a Section 3 assault.

Sgt Miriam Mulhall-Nolan, prosecuting, outlined how a complaint had been made to gardaí in Kenmare that on October 29, 2015, after an arranged date, an assault had taken place.

Mr Guaseavimo and the woman had returned to Mr Guaseavimo’s residence where they had a few drinks. An argument developed “about the relationship”. She said she had a glass of beer and said he “pushed” the glass into her face. She received a cut to her lip and her tooth was loose and chipped.

“She locked herself into a bedroom and left the next morning at 7am,” the sergeant outlined to judge James O’Connor.

Solicitor Conor Murphy said his client was pleading guilty but this was “a marginal case”. His client would say it was the same glass and she had pulled the glass. His client was from Italy but he had been living in Ireland for nine years. He had no previous convictions. He worked in a call centre.

“This case is marginal. Two people were arguing about their relationship. My client was saying there was no relationship. He didn’t want to settle down and she did,” the solicitor said.

The parties had been drinking wine. The complainant got very upset and wanted to leave, the solicitor said. However, when she went outside she had a flat tyre and had to return. Had the case been contested, it would have been fought on a number of issues, the solicitor said. Mr Guasevimo had been drinking a glass of beer and she was taking sips from the same glass and “she pulled” the glass Mr Murphy said.

On enquiry from Judge James O’Connor, the court was told the woman was Polish and worked as a carer. Judge O’Connor said the compensation must be paid to the woman and the contribution to the court poor box by July.


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