Uninvited party guest guilty of killing man

A 32-year-old has been found guilty of killing a man in his Tipperary home after the accused arrived uninvited to the victim’s Christmas celebrations.

The Central Criminal Court heard that Gintaras Brazauskas, aged 29 died in the early hours of St Stephen’s Day 2008 after seven stab wounds.

Egidijus Kiaulakis, of Coille Bheithe in Nenagh, admitted stabbing the deceased but had pleaded not guilty to murder, saying he acted in self-defence.

Kiaulakis was also found guilty of assault causing harm to Robertas Sujetovas on the same occasion.

The two-week trial heard that the two victims were lifelong friends from the same town in Lithuania.

They celebrated Christmas Day with family and friends in Mr Brazauskas’s flat, which was downstairs from Mr Sujetovas’s flat in a house in Summerhill, Nenagh. At about midnight, the defendant left his home with a bottle of brandy looking for company, without telling his partner where he was going.

As he passed the house in Summerhill, witnesses said he threw stones at the window of the victim’s flat.

Mr Sujetovas said he was not a friend of the group, but they knew him as a fellow Lithuanian. He asked if he could join them.

Within 20 minutes of him arriving, Ms Brazauskas’s partner asked him to leave as the noise was upsetting their two-month-old baby.

Mr Sujetovas and another man left with him and a fight broke out, with this other man breaking a bottle over the defendant’s head.

The defendant went to a friend’s house, telling him he wanted to find out why he had been attacked. The friend returned to the house in Summerhill with him, not knowing the accused had taken a kitchen knife.

Two fights broke out between the men, with the accused stabbing the deceased seven times and Mr Sujetovas four times.

The accused told gardaí he had acted in self-defence, after a number of people rushed at him when he knocked on the door.

The jury were told they could find him guilty of manslaughter if they thought he acted in self-defence, but had used more force than necessary.

They reached a unanimous verdict of guilty of manslaughter. They were unanimous in deciding that he assaulted Mr Sujetovas.

Kiaulakis will be sentenced on Apr 29.


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