Unemployed people head one in 12 mortgaged homes

One in 12 households with a mortgage is headed by an unemployed person, it has been revealed.

More than 50,000 homeowners were out of work on the night of last year’s census. The CSO said half of these did not have anyone in the household with a job.

Most recent figures from the Central Bank revealed that 128,000 mortgages — 11% of accounts — are behind on repayments, with 961 homes repossessed by the end of June.

The census showed that the number of mortgaged households headed by a person out of work more than tripled, from 14,757 in 2006 to 50,792 last year.

There were almost 2m properties in the State on the night with 583,000 owned or mortgaged, down slightly from five years earlier.

One third of homes in Dublin were apartments compared to one in 10 nationwide.

The numbers in rented accommodation have soared by almost 50% to 474,788.

Figures revealed immigrants who settled in Ireland lived in smaller homes but paid more in rent.

In urban areas households headed by a non-national paid an average of €181 per week to private landlords, compared with €178 paid by Irish householders.

Apart from British nationals, home ownership rates among the new Irish remained low.

There were 1,830 Polish households with a mortgage, and 2,658 from the remaining accession states, up by 73% since 2006.

Elsewhere the number of vacant dwellings stood at 290,000 in Apr 2011, including 168,427 empty houses and 61,629 apartments — a 50% rise.

There were also 59,395 holiday homes empty on the night, with the highest percentage in Donegal, half within 1km of the coast, and over 2,000 on islands off the West or South-West of the country.


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