U-turn on sand dune jog ban

CORK County Council has backtracked on banning people from jogging in sand dunes — but won’t do a U-turn on other proposed beach bylaws which include restrictions on horse-riding and walking dogs.

More than 3,000 people recently signed a Facebook campaign against the proposals while 170 others made written objections about the council’s plans to introduce bylaws at 41 beaches.

In addition, the Irish Trotting & Harness Racing Federation (ITHRF) lodged an objection to the proposed ban on horses on beaches from 11am to 7pm.

Outside these times, a specific licence is required in advance and horse owners will also have to clean up if the animal makes a mess.

Under the proposals, owners will also be required to keep their dogs under control at all times on beaches between 11am and 7pm from May to September.

Dogs will have to be kept on a leash less than 2m long.

Despite vehement opposition, the only amendment to the proposals, due to become law next summer, was a concession on the use of sand dunes.

The council has amended the proposal and advised people jogging or indulging in other sports should not damage sand dunes.

Clonakilty-based Cllr Christopher O’Sullivan (FF) said while he welcomed the lifting of that restriction he was very unhappy the council had not seen fit to remove other clauses from the document.


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