Two years jail for Cork boxer for assaults and thefts

A talented boxer who used his skills to attack young men he encountered on the street and rob them, was jailed yesterday.

Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin told the culprit he should stop boxing as he was using it to assault people on the street in unprovoked attacks.

Eugene Brady, aged 21, of 31 Shannon Lawn, Mayfield, Cork, was sentenced to four years yesterday with the last two years of the sentence suspended on condition that he would keep the peace for two years following his release from jail.

Brady admitted attacking two young men in Glanmire and two in the Blackpool area. He was also one of a gang involved in a violent disorder where a mother and father and their two adult children were attacked when they admonished one youth for kicking their dog outside their home.

Niamh Stewart, defence barrister, said the accused was on a binge of drink and drugs at the time of the attacks. She said he was remorseful and using his time in prison well to receive counselling and was now what is called an enhanced prisoner.

Judge Ó Donnabháin said: “He went on a spate of assaults and robberies. He did a significant amount of damage to various people.”

The judge remarked that the assaults were bad enough without the added indignity of going through their pockets.

Det Garda Brian Murphy said there were unprovoked attacks on two young men at Riverstown, Glanmire, on November 7, 2015. They were punched and beaten to the ground and further attacked with Brady also going through their pockets and robbing them of small sums of money.

One man sustained a fractured skull which could have had extremely serious consequences.

Brady pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to one man at Thomas Davis St, Cork, and to another man at North City Link Road, Cork, both allegedly incidents occurring on February 18, 2016.

Sgt Kieran O’Sullivan said previously the first victim was passing a group of youths when one tried to trip him. He kept going but Brady followed him and gave him three blows to the face for no reason.

Shortly after this another man waiting at a traffic lights at North City Link Road was attacked from behind and punched in the face without provocation.

“He got a second blow to the face when lying on the ground. Members of the public in cars stopped to assist the injured party. He had a broken nose and fractured sinus,” the sergeant said.

Around this time he was involved in a violent disorder in Mayfield where a family were all set upon and attacked by a gang of youths after one of the youths kicked their dog.


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