Tubridy bids farewell to Radio 1 show

RYAN TUBRIDY signed off on his last show on RTÉ Radio 1 yesterday with the promise of seeing his fans “on the other side”.

The popular TV and radio star bid farewell to Tubridy Show listeners for the final time as he prepared to move over to sister station 2FM next month.

Several hundred people turned out on the promenade in Bray, Co Wicklow, yesterday to witness Tubridy’s last stint as a Radio 1 presenter. The Tubridy Show was visiting Bray on the final leg of its Bucket and Spade tour around some top seaside resorts to mark the programme’s final week on air.

The Late Late Show host will take over the prime time, mid-morning slot on 2FM next month to replace the station’s flagship presenter, Gerry Ryan, following his shock death last April.

Tubridy described the ending of the Tubridy Show after five years on Radio 1 coupled with taking over the 2FM hot seat from his late colleague and friend as “a bittersweet moment”.

The presenter said he was reminded of Lyndon Johnson, who remarked that he did not want to be US president on learning of the sudden death of his predecessor, John F Kennedy.

“I don’t want to be doing the Gerry Ryan Show and I don’t want to be his replacement at this point but I have to be. And I think he’d be OK with it,” said Tubridy.

Looking ahead to his move back to 2FM, where he previously hosted The Full Irish breakfast show between 2002 and 2005, he observed: “I feel like I’m about eight-years-old waiting for Christmas Day, I’m so excited.”

Tubridy promised that his daily two-hour show on 2FM would reveal a new side of him to listeners, although he admitted that regular fans of Gerry Ryan might find it difficult to tune into a broadcaster with a different style.

However, he confirmed that being a presenter on 2FM would allow him to be more irreverent and play a wide range of music as he hinted working on Radio 1 had occasionally constrained some of his natural broadcasting style. “It can be like sitting in the pub for a night but not being allowed to have a drink,” he laughed.

The 37-year-old also joked that his “young fogey” image was now past its sell-by date.

At his last show a fan also presented him with a photo of John F Kennedy during a visit to Berlin. (A book by Tubridy on Kennedy’s visit to Ireland and associated TV documentary are due to be launched in October.)

Tubridy also revealed that he would have loved to have accepted the offer to take over Jonathan Ross’s Saturday morning show on BBC Radio 2 for a 10-week period during the summer but he didn’t want “to be greedy”.

The show’s producer Aonghus McAnally said he was looking forward to working with Tubridy’s replacement on Radio 1, John Murray, who presents Morning Ireland and The Business.

“John has done for business what Derek Mooney has done for wildlife. He’s a witty, clever and a good people person.”

No Frontiers presenter Kathryn Thomas will take over the slot vacated by Tubridy for the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, the Ryan line, albeit with Tubridy rather than Gerry, will reopen on 2FM on August 23 at 9am.


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