Toyota recalls 10,000 cars

More than 10,000 Irish-owned Toyota cars are being recalled due to potential problems over their rear suspensions, two years after serious unrelated design problems rocked the firm.

A spokesperson for the international company confirmed the issue, which is affecting 600,000 vehicles throughout Europe and millions worldwide, does not pose a safety risk to drivers or passengers.

However, he said owners of 6,750 Avensis and 3,800 Rav-4 vehicles in this country are being asked to bring in their cars due to fears the suspension arms of the vehicles could separate if not addressed.

The problem relates to Avensis cars made between Nov 2008 and Jan 2011 and Rav-4 vehicles manufactured between Nov 2005 and Aug 2010.

It specifically relates to concerns that nuts for adjusting the rear wheel alignment of the vehicles may not be adequately tightened.

Over time, this issue could lead to “free movement” of the two portions of the arm, resulting in an ongoing knocking noise which can be heard by the driver.

The firm said “in rare circumstances” this problem can lead to “the two portions separating”, affecting the handling of the vehicle.

No reports of incidents such as this have been reported in Ireland, to date.

However, Toyota Ireland MD, David Shannon, has urged car owners to address the issue before it becomes a significant problem.

“We will be writing to customers to arrange for them to make an appointment with their local dealer to have their vehicle inspected,” he said.

In Spring 2010, Toyota admitted serious safety concerns over brake faults in its flagship 2009 Prius, which was then the most popular petrol-electric hybrid model on the global market.

In early 2010 the company also admitted to faults in the accelerator pedals in a series of Toyota vehicles built between 2005 and 2009.

* Toyota Ireland customer care: 01-4190222


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