Together4Yes: No reason to delay abortion law

The Together4Yes campaign group has urged TDs and senators to hold “special sittings” over the summer break to ensure planned 12-week abortion access rules become law by the end of August.

Group co-ordinator Orla O’Connor said the “scale” of Friday’s landslide referendum result means there is no reason to delay the law any further, joining a growing chorus of calls for the Government to speed up its end-of-year timeline plan.

“I think given the scale of the vote, this vote has been phenomenal and people were voting on this legislation as well, so we want to see this progressed as quickly as possible,” said Ms O’Connor.

Asked if she agreed with the call for the legislation to be passed by the summer she added: “I certainly think that all of our TDs and senators should really consider a special sitting so that it could be progressed through the summer.”

Ms O’Connor was at an end-of- campaign press conference in which Together For Yes members said the result was “a beacon of light” for women facing difficult situations across the globe. Campaign co-ordinator Ailbhe Smyth thanked voters and took a swipe at claims young people are “snowflakes” by saying they changed the nation and “there was no snowflaking going on”, adding a “terrible, obnoxious, odious horror” has been removed from the Constitution.

Together For Yes official Gráinne Griffin said the next step for campaigners is to help change abortion laws in Northern Ireland in the same way women in the province helped the campaign in the Republic.

It came after were emotional scenes on Saturday as the leaders of the yes side entered the count centre of the RDS arms raised as initial tallies showed a landslide backing for repeal of the Eighth Amendment.

The shouts, claps and cheers were even louder when Together for Yes organisers entered Dublin Castle as the overall results from constituencies across the country began to filter through. Campaigner and Together For Yes co-director Ailbhe Smyth described the outcome as a “vote for dignity and decency”.

“It’s an extraordinary day for women, it’s an extraordinary day for men, it is a remarkable day for the country as a whole and I think we have in Ireland done ourselves proud, we have actually rewritten history and we are creating an Ireland which is new, which is fresh, which is honest, which is frank and which values women,” she said.

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