‘The dog doesn’t match the sofa’ and other excuses

Dog owners have been getting rid of their pets with excuses such as “my dog doesn’t match the sofa” and “he isn’t as cute as when I first got him”.

British animal welfare charity Dogs Trust revealed the claims as it launched a campaign to drive home the message that potential owners should carefully consider what is involved before getting a pet.

George Paparakis, assistant manager at Dogs Trust’s Glasgow re-homing centre, said that while many people gave up pets for genuine reasons, it could be frustrating to see those who make excuses because they did not think it through properly in the first place.

“Sometimes there are real reasons why dogs have to come in to us, but it can get quite frustrating when people perhaps don’t truly understand what it means to live with a dog.

“So sometimes the dogs will come back to us and some of the reasons that we’ve seen over the years have been: The colour of the dog doesn’t match the colour of the sofa; or the dog has got too big for the house; or the dog barks and makes too much noise.

“One of the things we’re trying to do is to bring awareness to how much hard work taking a dog into the house can be.

“We are asking people to really think carefully about taking a dog into the house and to carefully consider the fact that a dog shouldn’t be a present.

“There’s a lot of variables that they’re going to have to consider. The average dog is going to live for 13 years and cost about £8,000 [€10,000] over the course of their lives.

Other reasons for bringing back a pet included: “It smelled of dog”; “he keeps scaring the goldfish”; “he snores really loudly”; “he can’t do any tricks”; and “he keeps passing wind”.


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