Text to friend said: ‘I think I murdered someone’

A man has told a trial jury he received a text from his friend, who is accused of murdering a man, saying: “I think I murdered someone last night.”

Wayne Kennedy, aged 33, with an address at Rathsallagh Park in Shankill, Co Dublin, is charged with murdering David Spain, aged 26, on December 26, 2013, at this address as well as intentionally or recklessly causing serious harm to Sean Turner, aged 24, on that date.

Last Monday at the Central Criminal Court, Mr Kennedy pleaded not guilty.

Yesterday, Paddy McCarthy, prosecuting, called Mark McGovern, whom the court heard was a good friend of the accused.

The court heard Mr Kennedy came to Mr McGovern’s house on Christmas Day 2013 as there was a party there where “a lot of drink was had” and “maybe more than one line of coke”.

Mr McGovern told the court Mr Kennedy was in “great form” and left his house around 2am.

Mr McCarthy put it to to witness that he had got a text off Mr Kennedy that night.

Mr McGovern replied: “I got it at 5.34am and it said: ‘I think I murdered someone last night.’ ”

When asked what he did then, Mr McGovern replied: “I was drunk in bed and thought he was just in a fight so I turned off my phone and went back to sleep. I didn’t take it literally.”

The court heard the gardaí arrived at his house at 8.30am and asked Mr McGovern to get his phone as it was still turned off.

“Had you got another message at that stage?” asked the barrister.

Mr McGovern said when he turned on his phone a couple of messages came through including one which said “I need some help, I need some help.”

When Mr McGovern learned through his wife’s Facebook page that there had been an argument and “slagging off” between the accused and Mr Turner, the court heard he tried to contact Mr Kennedy but could not get a hold of him.

“I found out that morning someone had died. I knew previously that Wayne had asked Sean for the money, it was an ongoing thing, Wayne told me he owed him money. I haven’t spoken to Wayne to this day since it happened.”

Ian Messitt, who was in the deceased’s house on the night in question, testified that he recollected hearing shouting coming from the green of the estate, which came from Mr Turner.

“Sean was saying: ‘He has stabbed me, the c*nt has stabbed me.’ It took me five to eight minutes to get there. I went over to help Mr Turner as he had been stabbed twice. I saw the blood gushing out from his right-handside,” he said.

The trial continues.


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