Tesco accused of being ‘bullied’ into dropping group

Tesco has been accused of being ‘bullied’ into its decision to remove a group from its Community Fund charity initiative following complaints that the cause was ‘politically motivated’ and campaigns in support of the ban on abortion.

A member of the public contacted Tesco via social media on Wednesday night to complain about the inclusion of the Every Life Counts group in its Community Fund drive.

The initiative sees customers allocate blue discs to a plastic token bank representing one of a number of causes selected by each store. At the end of the campaign, funding is allocated among the causes in proportion to the number of tokens they receive.

Every Life Counts is registered with the Companies Registration Office, and says its aim is to “work towards an Irish perinatal hospice”. However the group does not appear on the regulator’s register of charities.

It has previously written to legislators to voice its opposition to Clare Daly TD’s bill which would allow for abortions in instances where there is a diagnosis of a fatal foetal abnormality.

“You do realise this is a politically motivated anti-choice group? Is that within t&cs of community fund?” the customer posted on Twitter.

A spokesperson for the group said the funds would have gone to “organise memory-making sessions and counselling for bereaved families”, and accused the supermarket of making the decision without contacting Every Life Counts.

“The mothers who have lost babies can’t understand Tesco’s reaction at all, especially when some of them have been totally failed by the HSE and only received counselling and support through ELC,” the spokesperson said. “We’re also upset that Tesco didn’t contact us before they made the decision to be bullied by this person on Twitter, though it is nice to see all the support from people who saw news reports about what’s happened,” she said.

Tesco said it is its policy “to only include causes that are apolitical and neutral”.


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