Teenage sister of Irish soccer player hit with bottle

The teenage sister of a League of Ireland football star is recovering after being viciously attacked with a bottle at a house party last week.

Codi Duffy, 14, whose brother Lee is a striker for Longford Town in the SSE Airtricity League Premier Division, was struck across the head with a ‘naggin’ bottle of vodka at the party in the Manorlands estate in Trim, Co Meath.

And a video has emerged on social media which seems to show the alleged attacker boasting of what she was about to do.

The footage shows a teenage girl holding a bottle while telling her friend: “I am going to bottle Codi Duffy”; it does not show whether she followed through on her threat.

Duffy, though, was struck, and according to her distraught mum Linda, “had an egg-shaped lump on her head for a few days.” Linda said: “Codi was at a birthday party; from what I understand the girl whose birthday it was invited 40 people, and her parents were overseeing it, but word spread via Facebook and maybe 200 youngsters turned up.

“At one point a girl challenged Codi’s friend to a fight and when Codi intervened and asked her to leave her friend alone she was struck across the head with a vodka bottle.

“She was lucky enough that it didn’t connect as cleanly as it might have. She didn’t have to attend hospital, but she had a big bump on her head and was on pain killing tablets for a while.

“I have seen the video and whether this girl did what she threatened to do or not, I do not know. It’s under garda investigation at the moment and I’ll leave it up to them to establish exactly what happened.

“The whole family is very upset over this. Codi is recovering well, but understandably she was shaken up by it. I don’t agree with violence in any way, but when a weapon is used, that brings things to another level altogether.”


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