Teen jailed for robbery claims gun was put to his head

A Carrigaline teenager who said he had a gun put to his head and was ordered to carry out an armed robbery to clear a drugs debt, was jailed for three years yesterday.

Jack Ahern went to Cash Connectors on MacCurtain St with a sawn-off shotgun, robbed €43,000 worth of jewellery, and jumped into a getaway van.

Sgt Kieran O’Sullivan said the accused told him an unidentified person put a gun to his head in a hotel in Cork the night before and told him that if he did not carry it out, he would be shot.

Sgt Kieran O’Sullivan said Ahern arrived in the store with a double-barrel shotgun and told a member of staff to fill a hold-all bag with assorted jewellery.

Ahern, aged 20, formerly of 86 Mount Rivers, Carrigaline, Co Cork, pleaded guilty to the robbery of €43,000 worth of jewellery and producing the shotgun during the crime on March 29 2014.

Ahern was 18 at the time and he is now 20.

Ray Boland, defending, said previously: “Mr Ahern was associated with a person caught with drugs. This person supplied him with the shotgun and required [Ahern and another person] to come up with certain sums of money.”

Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin imposed a five-year sentence with the last two years suspended for the robbery.


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