Teen hit a tree trying to escape gardaí

A Dublin youth, who drove a stolen car across a green and crashed into a tree in a bid to escape from gardaí, has been put off the road for four years.

The 16-year-old repeat offender was banned from driving for four years at the Dublin Children’s Court by Judge John O’Connor who spared him a custodial sentence subject to strict conditions.

He noted that there have been efforts to place the youth in care for his own protection.

The boy pleaded guilty to stealing a Nissan Micra from Foxborough Green in Lucan in Dublin on January 5 last. He also admitted stealing a Honda Civic from Kennelsfort Road, in Palmerstown in Dublin; dangerous driving; and having no licence on April 26 last.

The court heard that the first car was recovered undamaged in Kildare and the teenager was identified from CCTV footage.

Garda Gerard Reynolds said that during the second incident the boy stole a Honda Civic and “crossed onto the wrong side of the road and in trying to evade gardaí went across a green and crashed into a tree”.

The teen has 19 prior criminal convictions for thefts, motor theft, and other driving offences as well as trespassing and public order offences. He has already been banned from driving for two years. The teen and a sibling are currently cared for by extended family members. However, his social worker said there are fears the youth is “not safe in the community”.

Efforts being made to place him in care in a residential facility outside Dublin have been successful.

Judge O’Connor heard that it is hoped that once placed there he can work toward achieving a number of goals in relation to education, health and personal development. He warned the youth that the alternative would be a custodial sentence if he does not co-operate with social workers.

The teenager was also ordered to pay compensation for a €350 bicycle he stole.


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