Teen gets 2 years in detention for tourist attack in Cork

The teenager who was the most violent in the attack on a French visitor in Cork City was later seen on CCTV giving a youth a celebratory high five and yesterday he was sentenced to two years in detention.

Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin ordered that the teen in question be kept in Oberstown detention centre until his 18th birthday. Thereafter he will be under the supervision of the probation service for two years.

The assailant, aged 16, of 111 Churchfield Avenue, Cork, pleaded guilty to three separate assault and robbery incidents in Cork, all committed when he was 15.

The judge lifted the prohibition on identifying the juvenile.

“He should be named in the interests of all concerned including those of society even though he is a juvenile. He is out of control since he was 14. He refused to go to school at 14 and nobody could make him go there,” the judge said.

Det Garda Ian Coughlan said the young man was walking along North Main St just after midnight on April 28 when he was set upon by the accused and others, held against a wall and robbed of his phone.

CCTV showed the accused and a co-accused giving each other a celebratory high five after the attack. Though others involved were older he was described as the most violent and actually had to be stopped by one of his accomplices.

In another incident on December 6, 2013, at the junction of Cathedral Rd and Wolfe Tone St, the accused and an accomplice attacked a teenager as he tried to enter his home and kicked him while he lay on the ground, the court heard.

Meanwhile Det Garda James O’Reilly said a 39-year-old man with serious health problems was attacked and robbed at Withering’s Lane off Dominic St as he made his way home and suffered extensive injuries to his head and face on the night of January 3.


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