Teacher accused of raping boy in toilet

After a rape attack in a school toilet, a teacher took his young victim to meet an international sports star as a treat, a court heard.

The former fifth class pupil at a Limerick school yesterday recalled while being anally raped, the teacher burned his penis and testicles with a cigarette.

The former teacher, now aged 75, has pleaded not guilty at Limerick Circuit Court to two counts of indecent assault in a classroom and a school toilet at dates between September 9, 1978, and July 4, 1979.

In evidence, the former pupil recalled one occasion during the morning break he went to the toilets with two others to smoke. The accused came in saying: “You are smoking again.”

The accused sent the two other boys back to class and started hitting him on the head, face, legs and backside.

The accused he said then shoved a bar of soap into his mouth, pulled down his trousers and anally raped him. During this, the teacher burned his penis and testicles with a cigarette taken from one of the other boys.

After leaving the toilet, the teacher started saying the act of contrition out loud, asking him to join in the prayer. The witness said: “He treated me like an animal, like a dog. I was frozen solid with fear. He said if I told anybody, God would take my mum and dad and it was my fault.”

He could not sit for a long time after and in class would place his hands under his buttocks in order to sit. He suffered discharges of blood and pus as though he had an infection in his anal passage.

After what occurred, the accused left him alone and on one occasion with three or four other pupils took them to meet an international sports star. Prior to the assault, he said the teacher tried to unbutton his trousers in class after the teacher put his hand inside his own pocket ‘stroking’ himself.

He said he bit the accused in the arm.

He was then beaten by the accused. He dreaded going to school and the accused also assaulted him with a leather strap and a duster.

Cross-examined by Andrew Sexton, defending, the witness said some months after being raped he made a complaint to the principal. He agreed he did not mention the rape as he was afraid to speak to anybody about it.

Mr Sexton put it to the witness that while claiming he was in fear of going to school, he was still prepared to go with a complaint to the principal whose name he got wrong in a statement to gardaí. The witness said the principal was a fair man and he got his name wrong as it was a long time ago.

Mr Sexton pointed out that in evidence he said the accused burned him with a cigarette he got from another boy, while in a Garda statement he said the accused had got the cigarette from him.

The witness said there were details he was not sure of, but he remembered what he had gone through.

Mr Sexton said what he was alleging was inconceivable and fantasy based on conversations he had with other people.

The trial continues


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