Cork-bound jet diverted to Dublin over lack of aircraft stairs

A plane full of holidaymakers was diverted to Dublin Airport because the ground handling operation at Cork Airport didn’t have an aircraft stairs tall enough to cope with the aircraft.

The Irish Examiner has established that the issue arose earlier on Monday when the crew of a chartered Boeing 737, who were due to fly passengers from Cork to Reus, near Barcelona, were found to be ‘out of hours’ after landing in Bulgaria.

A charter company then had to scramble to find a replacement aircraft — the only one available was a widebody Boeing 767 in Dublin.

Holidaymakers were bused to Dublin to catch their outbound flight.

But passengers on the return leg to Cork had to land in Dublin when it was discovered that Cork Airport’s ground handling operation, Swissport, didn’t have an aircraft stairs tall enough to cope with a 767. They landed at 1.15am yesterday and were bused to Cork.

Cork Airport apologised to the holidaymakers for the inconvenience, but said the issue arose between the charter company and the ground handling operation.

If the ground handlers had been given more notice, they could have arranged for a taller aircraft stairs to cater for the 767, and that Cork Airport can cater for larger aircraft.


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