Sunday ‘particularly dangerous’ for motorists

Almost 25% of fatal road collisions occur between 4pm and 6pm on Sundays.

The two-hour window is “a particularly dangerous period” for motorists, a senior garda has said.

Sunday drivers may enter extreme “leisure mode” leading to lapsed concentration or “laissez faire” driving, Regional Traffic Superintendent Paschal Connelly told RTE’s Pat Kenny Show.

“Some 24.8% of fatal collisions are happening on Sunday’s and a very particularly dangerous period is from 4pm to 6pm on a Sunday afternoon.

“It’s not necessarily drink [related] but people should be extra careful.

“We’ve often heard of the Sunday driver so that is a risk group and we would ask the compliant public to be careful if you are in that category to focus on that.”

Driver fatigue, drink driving, and drug driving are being targeted as part of the Garda road safety campaign this Christmas.

Drivers are urged to remember an alcohol limit of 20mg applies to learner and ‘novice’ drivers — for two years after passing the test. Motorists unable to present their licence on suspicion of drink driving fall into the 20mg bracket.

Supt Connelly said drivers aged 23 to 32 were vulnerable as more were being caught over the limit after drinking the previous night.


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