Strong ecstasy pills suspected in teen death

Ana Hick, 18, who died on Sunday morning after suffering cardiac arrest, having taken ecstasy pills on a night out with friends.

Gardaí suspect that high-strength ecstasy pills — rather than contaminated ones —played a role in the death of an 18-year-old in Dublin at the weekend.

Detectives believe Ana Hick took two different types of ecstasy tablets at a city-centre nightclub — one of which is known to generally contain a high quantity of the ecstasy chemical MDMA.

The tablets were Blue Ghost and Green Handgrenades/Grenades. Ms Hick, from Dalkey, Co Dublin, is believed to have take one of each.

Garda sources said Blue Ghosts have been in the country for two years, while Green Handgrenades, typically much stronger, have been in circulation for four months.

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Gardaí said they will not know for sure what chemicals the acting student took until separate reports are back from the Forensic Science Laboratory, which is testing the pills, and the State Laboratory,which is examining toxicology tests.

However, they have spoken to five friends who Ms Hick was with on the night at the Twisted Pepper Club on Middle Abbey St.

Strong ecstasy pills suspected in teen death

Ana’s mother Elga, left with Ana, posted a video online of both of

them singing ‘Part of Your World’ from the film ‘The Little Mermaid’.

Ms Hick, who was due to turn 19 today, suffered respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. She was rushed to hospital and died on Sunday.

Garda sources said she may have taken a Blue Ghost and “got nothing off it” and then took another one, a Green Handgrenade, which sources said “are strong pills”.

However, Ms Hick could also have had an individual, or idiosyncratic, reaction to the chemicals. While her friends were also brought to hospital, they did not suffer any serious effects.

Sources said that any medication Ms Hick was on could be a contributing factor, as would any underlying but unknown heart conditions.

It is thought that Ms Hick was at an “experimental stage” in relation to ecstasy use and would not have been familiar with its effects.

European experts have warned of a rise in the strength of ecstasy pills, with higher levels of MDMA.

Yesterday, Ms Hick’s mother Elga posted online the video of herself and her daughter singing the song Part of Your World from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

READ MORE: Dublin teenager dies after taking ecstasy on night out .



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