Strike could halt road repair in Cork

Maintenance on roads in Co Cork could grind to a halt later this month after trade union Siptu announced that it had served notice of industrial action on Cork County Council.

The union will commence the action at 8am on Wednesday, May 17, saying the dispute results from the refusal of management to recruit more staff to adequately deliver statutory services.

Siptu organiser Con Casey said his members in the Roads and Drivers sections will take the action.

“The industrial action will take the form of Siptu members not engaging with, co-operating with or transporting private contractors, excluding digger drivers,” he said.

“Our members will also be insisting that established manning levels are strictly applied and adhered to, and that the strict demarcation of roles including for acting and supervisory positions is recognised.”

He said it was also intended to engage in work-stoppages of three and four hours duration.

“Cork County Council will be advised of the times and dates of these work-stoppages in accordance with the requirements of the collective agreement between Siptu and management,” he said.

Mr Casey maintained that his members have been left with no other option but to commence this industrial action due to key sections of the council, which deal with road maintenance and other essential services, being seriously undermanned.

“This is due to management failing to replace workers as they retire.

“The running down of the ability of the council to adequately provide services would unfortunately seem to be part of an agenda to increase the outsourcing of work to private ‘for-profit’ companies.”

Mr Casey claimed the move towards outsourcing by the management of Cork County Council is being pursued in contravention of national agreements.


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