Starving dogs rescued from ‘appalling’ conditions

One of the hounds rescued by the CSPCA from appalling conditions on a farm in West Cork.

Several starving dogs who were only being fed animal entrails have been rescued from “appalling” conditions on a farm in West Cork.

Inspectors from the Cork Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (CSPCA) swooped on the farm in recent days and removed the animals to the society’s shelter in Mahon, where they are now recovering.

“This is not one of the worst cases I’ve dealt with — there was no physical abuse of the animals,” said CSPCA manager Vincent Cashman.

“But the animals were subjected to complete and utter neglect. The owner just didn’t care.”

On foot of complaints, the CSPCA had been monitoring the farm and liaising with the owner for some time.

Inspectors visited the farm twice and advised the owner on what improvements were needed. However, when it became apparent after a third site visit last Wednesday that the recommendations had been ignored, the CSPCA moved in.

Three inspectors removed nine dogs and 17 hens and ducks last Friday.

Several were emaciated and others had open, weeping sores from unsuitable bedding. They were shy, withdrawn, and suspicious of humans.

Once at the shelter, they were assessed by a vet, given vaccinations, and wormed.

Some of the healthier dogs will be fostered over the coming days while shelter staff continue building trust with the others.

Investigations into conditions on the farm, where animals are still being kept, are ongoing.

- Anybody interested in providing a foster home for the CSPCA can call: 021 4515534.


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