Star of Rubber Bandits’ video punchedin face ‘after rejecting man’s advances’

Model and star of the infamous Horse Outside video Madeline Mulqueen was attacked by a man in Limerick on Wednesday night.

A frequent star of the Republic of Telly, the Limerick-born model took to social networking site Twitter to say she had been punched in the face on a night out in Limerick, apparently after she rejected the advances of a man.

“That’s Limerick City when u reject a boy and then he punches you in the face. Hahaha can’t wait to get back to Dublin,” tweeted Ms Mulqueen.

She then followed this up with another tweet: “I’m ok I hit him harder than he hit me.”

Ms Mulqueen is believed to have reported the incident to the gardaí. She said that the man had added her as a friend on Facebook, and she left him a “nice happy Xmas mail” before linking to a Facebook post which has since been deleted.

“You’re a very lucky guy today. The guards saw you run away like a coward and I told them to leave you off cos that’s exactly what you are, but they know who you are. The fact you can hit someone, not to mind a girl is the most disgusting trait in a human being. I was being more than polite to you and when things didn’t go your way you hit me in the face. Well, I hope your jaw is just as sore as mine today cos you should never underestimate a girl’s strength you bully. Happy Christmas,” read the Facebook post.

While the initial tweets about the attack were deleted, Ms Mulqueen responded to queries about her wellbeing by tweeting that she had a “sore face” but was otherwise fine.

Wednesday night’s incident was not the first time the Limerick model has been the victim of an assault.

In early October, Ms Mulqueen was attacked by a woman in McDonald’s on Grafton St in Dublin after she defended a cashier who was being abused verbally by a customer.

The 22-year-old said she was shocked at the woman’s “very rude and aggressive” behaviour and was punched in the face by the woman.

“It was so frustrating that she was being so rude and no one was doing anything about it, so I said to the manager that I had seen her hand over a fiver, not anything more.

“She obviously heard me and ran straight over and punched me in the face.”


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