Stalker talked of raping woman’s three-year-old son

A man stalked a woman and talked about raping her young son, a court has heard.

Mark Mulligan, aged 39, of Railway Rd, Clongriffin, Dublin, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to harassment of a named woman on dates between 2008 and 2012. He also admitted possession of child pornography at his home on July 7, 2013.

He had pleaded not guilty to a third charge of producing child pornography at his home on dates between March 1 and March 17, 2013. Last month, a jury took 44 minutes to return a unanimous verdict of guilty.

The final offence relates to conversations with another person using Skype in which Mulligan made sexually explicit references to RTÉ and TV3 reporters and their children. Gardaí discovered transcripts of these “chats” during a search of Mulligan’s home as part of an investigation into a separate harassment case.

Yesterday, Judge Patricia Ryan adjourned sentencing in this new matter in order to give the Probation Services time to assess him.

In Skype text conversations with an unknown person, Mulligan said he would “love to rape” the three-year-old son of a woman he knew, because she “pissed” him off.

He then sent a non-explicit photograph of the boy to the other person, who had the online identity rodub82, who replied: “Let’s snatch him.”

The accused replied: “Mmmm make him watch us kill his mum and dad, and then kill him.”

Mulligan also asked about raping Irish celebrities and suggested “any of the reporters on RTÉ or TV3”. The other party replied “prefer their kids” and Mulligan agreed and said it would give them something to remember.

Mulligan had taken the image of the child from the woman’s personal page on a social networking website. This woman had made a complaint to gardaí in 2008 about Mulligan’s continued harassment of her via text messages and emails.

Gardaí told the woman there was little they could do at that point but that she should keep a note of Mulligan’s actions.

In a victim impact report, the woman said she had to move away from where she lived because of the ongoing harassment.

She said she developed a real sense of dread walking past Mulligan’s apartment because he would be out on his balcony watching her.

Garnet Orange SC, defending, said that his client had engaged in ongoing and deeply unpleasant stalking of the victim but has since expressed remorse and regret.

Counsel said Mulligan had pleaded not guilty to producing child pornography because there was a legal issue over whether or not online text conversations between two adults amounted to the production or distribution of child porn.

During the trial, Mr Orange told the jury that the online exchanges were between two people who were concealing their identities and were very disturbing but were in the context of a private conversation.

In one online text exchange, on the morning of St Patrick’s Day, Mulligan told rodub82: “Lots of horny kids around today in parade.”

He later wrote that he would “love to have a cottage in the middle of nowhere and take kids there and rape and torture them... and shit on their graves”. Rodub82 said they could behave “like a couple of Nazi prison guards”.

Mulligan added: “Love to pick someone up late at night boy girl man woman and rape the bastard. Every time I heard someone got raped it’s a turn on — even more when they are killed?”

He also said he’d like to kidnap and rape a pregnant woman and “get the kid out”. Mulligan told gardaí that the conversations were all just “sick fantasies”.


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