Stalker ‘offered’ woman and daughter online for sex

A Wexford woman has revealed how a former co-worker has been harassing her for nearly five years, and has created Facebook pages in which he offers her and her young daughter up as prostitutes.

The women, identified only as “Ann-Marie” told RTÉ’s Liveline she worked with the man in a Wexford restaurant in 2010 when he started making advances. She said she initially thought it was ‘light banter’ and that he was ‘clueless’ but that his attitude changed when she spurned his advances.

She said that her attempts to have the authorities put a stop to the Facebook harassment has been unsuccessful because “there’s not much they can do” as the abuse is originating online from her stalker’s native Egypt.

“He quickly became quite obsessive and making it known that he was interested and it wasn’t from me at all, from my side at all. I suppose he started by just asking for marriage and little things like that and then bought me presents.

“On one occasion he bought me perfume, waited outside the restaurant until he could get the chance to have me on my own and brought it in to me,” she said.

“I wasn’t interested in taking it. I left it in the restaurant and I gave it to my boss the next day. It was pretty quickly after that that he wasn’t working there anymore.

“Once he left the restaurant he started with text messages, pretty much just really, really vile, sickening text messages.

They could range from ‘I love you’ one day to ‘I want to kill you’ the next day, just really, really bad so I brought that to the guards’ attention.”

The Gardaí took record of more than 540 messages he sent her over a two-week period, tracked him down and he was eventually deported, and Ann-Marie said that he may have been in the country illegally.

He subsequently sent her a text from an Egyptian phone number on her birthday in November 2013, and days later established a fake Facebook profile using pictures she had uploaded to the social media site.

Since then she said he has spent the last 13 months threatening her friends; writing messages on local business pages pretending to be her; and offering her “services” as a prostitute.

He has also set up a Facebook page in which Ann-Marie’s 11-year-old daughter is offered up as a prostitute.

“Every single morning I report pages, maybe up to three or four pages, some for me, some for my friends some even for my daughter at this stage and Facebook take them down and the next day there’s the same amount again,” she said.

Ann-Marie said that she often gets up at 3am to report the pages in the hope that they will be taken down before anyone else is awake to see them.

“[There was] a page before, maybe about two months ago with my daughter and it basically offering her services as well with a price attached to it,” she said.

Ann-Marie said that prior to changing her phone number she would receive texts from men wanting to buy sex, and that some would show up at her work. “


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