Spark of competition means savings on bills

Almost 80,000 people who signed up to One Big Switch, a consumer network, will be able to save money on their household bills thanks to a special offer the group has “unlocked”.

The offer, from Bord Gáis Energy, includes a 10% discount for one year, with a 5% discount thereafter and €120 cash back off any one electricity bill for dual fuel customers.

The move could mean a saving of almost €400 for households over the next year.

To avail of the offer, consumers must sign up to the One Big Switch campaign before May 29.

“We’d invite householders to see how this offer works for them and if the numbers stack up, then switch. You can also call your existing supplier and ask them to match the offer. Either way you are driving much-needed competition in this market,” said Sarah Ryan, director of campaigns.

Bord Gáis Energy, which has exceeded its target of 25,000 households, is using the buying power of a large group to spark competition in the energy market and aims to start a price war between energy companies.

“The one thing that really does work is people power, and people coming together as one. I think that’s one of the reasons this campaign works so well. Groups of people together can implement change.”

Last year, more than 60,000 people signed up to the campaign, which managed to secure a discounted deal with Bord Gáis Energy that “really shook up the market”.

“There’s a disconnect between people’s daily lives and the pinch they’re feeling, and what politicians think is going on, which is why we want them to really pay attention to this campaign,” said Ms Ryan.

“The energy bill is the big household budget anxiety bill. It’s the one people are most anxious about coming in and the one they struggle the most to pay.”

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