Siren to tackle dog fouling on beaches

The dog days are coming to an end on two flagship seaside resorts as a motion detection, loud-speaker system, designed to prevent dog-fouling, has just been installed on Lahinch and Kilkee beaches.

The tens of thousands of tourists who descend on the Co Clare beaches this weekend will be greeted by a new, hi-tech, tannoy system, advising them to obey all the beach bylaws and clean up any mess caused by dogs.

The system is motion activated, with a warning message being played every time a member of the public, or indeed a dog, comes close to the sensor array, which is located on the promenade of both beaches.

Contrary to speculation, the system will not include a high-frequency warning that can only be heard by dogs, but will instead include a customisable message, asking beach users to clean up after their animals.

The system was installed on both beaches yesterday as part of Clare County Council’s efforts to encourage people to observe beach bylaws.

The machine, the brainchild of NUI Maynooth start-up company Riteview, automatically powers itself off at night to prevent the warning from becoming a noise nuisance to locals.

The company have been in Lahinch and Kilkee for the past two weeks, conducting surveys of dog use on the beach and the level of fouling.

Company founder Aidan McDermott yesterday predicted a 60%-80% reduction in dog fouling within weeks.

“It’s a small unit which is attached onto a pole on the promenade in Kilkee and Lahinch. When somebody walks past, it triggers an audio message. The audio message can be customised for any local authority’s needs. In Lahinch and Kilkee, it will focus on cleaning up after dog fouling.

“It’s about changing people’s attitudes and the culture generally. The idea is to make it socially unacceptable for someone to turn a blind eye as their dogs foul the beaches.

“It will also shut down at night. So if people coming home from the pub want to have some fun by triggering it off over and over again, they wont be able to.”


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