Siobhán plans catsuit transformation for TV show

Siobhán McKillen has been selected as a leader on the RTÉ series 'Operation Transformation', which will air in January

A busy mum of two who admitted she was fat on national radio has been selected as an Operation Transformation leader.

“I’m here because I’m fat,” Siobhán McKillen from Clondalkin, Dublin, told RTÉ’s John Murray last week.

Siobhán, 35, who weights 13st 12lbs, is the third of 20 hopefuls chosen to appear in the show’s seventh series, due to be screened in January.

She has been struggling with her weight since she was in her teens and her size yo-yos.

She used to love going to the gym but now can’t seem to find to walk to it, even though it is only 300m from her house.

“I will be so good. No more wine, but I might have a little glass just to celebrate tonight,” she said yesterday.

Siobhán jokingly described her husband, Ger, as a feeder.

“He comes home with wine and chocolates, if I have had a bad day, or, if I had a good day or, if I tell him not to, he brings something home just in case.”

Siobhán said she managed get back to her pre-pregnancy weight this year.

“I came back into work looking absolutely massive, as in gorgeous — not the other way — and just went back into it again. I started eating rubbish; going down to the local pub for a jumbo breakfast. Before I knew it, nothing fitted me any more.”

Siobhán, who works full-time and is studying part-time for a diploma in business management, also feels guilty about being away from her children and admits treating them with food to make up for it.

The show’s dietician, Aoife Hearne, said Siobhán was going to show she could develop healthy habits for her and her family.

The show’s host, Kathryn Thomas, said Siobhán had plenty of attitude and a competitive streak.

Siobhán said she was intent on looking gorgeous in a leopard-print catsuit at the end of the series.

Two Corkwomen, Deirdre O’Donovan from Carrignavar and Jennifer Bonus from Douglas, were revealed as the first two leaders on Monday and Tuesday.


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