Singer calls drink driving ‘stupid’ as ban lift bid fails

Dolores Keane: 'I have missed out on an awful lot because I was so stupid.' Picture: Clive Wasson

Dolores Keane has warned fans against the stupidity of drink driving after a sympathetic judge told her he couldn’t return her licence until next March.

The singer was speaking after a hearing in Glenties District Court when she applied halfway through a four-year drive ban for the return of her licence.

Judge Paul Kelly, who said at the original hearing two years ago that he was a fan of her A Woman’s Heart, told her he was prohibited in law from returning her licence now.

After hearing how she needed her licence to attend medical appointments following development of breast cancer and, to continue to attend her AA meetings, he said: “I can only grant the restoration of the licence from March 12 next. I can’t do any more for you.”

“Hopefully we won’t see you here in these circumstances again.”

The 60-year-old singer, looking much healthier than when she was in the same court two years ago, told him: “I am well aware I made an awful mistake.”

She told the court: “I am a recovering alcoholic. I have learned a lot. I went into Hope House for treatment and I haven’t had a drink for the last year.

“Today is the first anniversary since my last drink.”

Ms Keane told the judge that she had developed breast cancer and there were continuing medical appointments she must keep. She also was applying for the return of her licence to transport her blind son.

She thanked Judge Kelly for listening to her after he explained she still couldn’t drive until next March.

She said: “I have a message for all motorists and drinkers. Drunken driving is totally not on.

“It’s so stupid. I have missed out on an awful lot because I was so stupid.

“It’s a terrible realisation that you just can’t walk out your front door and get into a car and do the shopping.”

She recalled that she now had a new enjoyment in her singing and performance.

The four-year ban in July 2012 for being twice over the alcohol limit in March 2011 was her third disqualification.


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