Shopping habits of the sexes reveal women are impulse buyers

Women are more likely than men to impulse buy when grocery shopping, it has emerged.

Four out of 10 women engage in impulse purchasing every time, or almost every time, they shop, compared to three out of 10 men.

However, the study by Empathy Research for Checkout magazine also found that men are more swayed by special offers than women.

Almost one third of men (29%) said special offers had a significant influence, while just under a quarter of women (23%) were affected by them.

More than three quarters (76%) of men said a special offer would make them switch from a brand they typically buy to another.

While marginally less than men, most women cannot resist a special offer either — 71% said they would switch brands for a special offer.

Both genders are savvy shoppers — only 6% of men and 6% of women put an item on special offer in their basket or trolley without reviewing it.

Women (65%) are more likely to compare an item on special offer before making a final decision than men (59%), who tend just to review the money saved.

The study found that just under half of women (49%) claim sole responsibility for shopping than men (30%).

And married women (43%) are considerably more likely than married men (15%) to do the household shop. Half of all married women claim they do most of the grocery shopping but are helped to some degree by their partners.

There is little difference between the sexes about the likelihood of forgetting items while shopping — 13% of men always or sometimes forget items, compared to 15% of women.

Single men (21%) are more than twice as likely than married men (9%) to forget items while shopping.

Saturday is the most popular day to shop for both men and women. For a third, it is one of their main shopping days.

There was no gender difference in the acceptable length of time spent at the checkout — for most it was six minutes. Just one in ten swapped queues.

Just over half of the men and women had a shopping budget and over the previous five grocery shops, 70% stuck to them.

One in four men and women said they always write a shopping list but one in 10 never make a list or prior household check.


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