Shooting victim was associate of target

The second murder victim has been named in the gangland shooting that claimed two lives and injured three others.

The victim was named locally as Clinton Shannon, and it is understood he had a “clean record” but was a “close associate” of the intended target, Derek Devoy, 37.

Mr Shannon, 30, was shot while sitting in his car on Balbutcher Drive, Ballymun, Dublin, at 4pm on Wednesday while Mr Devoy went into the home of his mother, Anne Devoy, 69, with a baby boy.

Mr Devoy’s sister, Antoinette Corbally, a 48-year-old mother of six, who was in the house at the time, was shot dead as two gunmen followed their intended target into the property with a handgun and a submachine gun.

The men opened fire in the home, killing Ms Corbally and injuring her pregnant daughter, Andrea, 18; another man, Brian Moran, 52; and an infant boy whom Mr Devoy had dropped off at the house.

Mr Devoy fled the property through the back garden and the attackers left in a getaway vehicle.

Gardaí are looking for two vehicles they believe were used in the attack and were later found partially burnt out. One is a silver Opel Safira with a 08 Laois registration and the other is a Volkswagen Golf GTI with a 06 Louth registration.

There was a very strong police presence in the area yesterday as the entrance to Balbutcher Drive was sealed off, as was the house where the shooting took place.

Neighbours described the Devoys as “very good neighbours”, while adding “we all have our problems”.

Several children were playing near the scene yesterday while neighbours came in and out of their front doors to watch developments.

“My heart was in my chest and I’m on a frame. That couldn’t move and I couldn’t move. I got an awful fright. I didn’t know if they were coming or going,” said an elderly woman who lives in the area.

Another woman described how she was having her dinner at the time of the attack.

“I didn’t enjoy my dinner, it was stuck in my chest. I opened the door, Jesus Christ, what’s after happening? I couldn’t believe it,” she said.

The shooting is not thought to be related to the Kinahan-Hutch feud but is instead linked to an unpaid debt of €30,000.

One of Mr Devoy’s siblings, Mickey Devoy, was shot dead in January 2014, shortly after he was released from prison. The man had approximately 70 convictions.

Derek Devoy was jailed in 2007 for attempted armed robbery and a non-fatal drive-by shooting, and was released in 2015.

Sinn Féin councillor Noeleen Reilly said tensions had been building in the area in recent months.

“There was a sense, I suppose, in the community that something like this was going to happen because of past incidences,” said Ms Reilly. “About two months ago people in [nearby] Shangan were taken out of their beds at six o’clock in the morning because of a pipe bomb. The incidences continued to happen.

“I always felt they were just taunting each other but now it’s just notched up another level.”


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