Senator witnesses gardaí saving child from window fall

A Fine Gael senator has said gardaí should be paid more after witnessing a member of the force racing to the aid of a two-year-old boy who was hanging out of an apartment block window.

The child was seen hanging out of the window from the second floor at the Mount Kennett apartment block, on the Dock Road, Limerick, around 11.30am yesterday.

Garda Brian Delee, from Tipperary, based at Limerick’s Henry Street Garda Station, raced to the scene with his colleague Ger Summerly, from Co Clare. Within seconds, the quick-thinking officers procured a ladder from a passing van driver before Garda Delee scaled 35 feet up to ensure the boy was safe.

It’s believed the boy and his one-year-old sister were being looked after by a relative at the time.

Garda Delee said afterwards he had no training scaling ladders but that “adrenaline took over”. “When you see a child, like that, you just go,” he added.

FG Senator Kieran O’Donnell who witnessed the terrifying incident unfold, described the two uniformed gardaí as “heroes”.

“It just shows you how important it is to have gardaí on the ground.If the child had fallen at that distance I wouldn’t like to think about it.” Asked if he believed gardaí should be paid more, Senator O’Donnell replied: “Clearly, yes”.

Mr O’Donnell, who lost his Dáil seat in the last General Election added: “I believe the gardaí are a special case, and I certainly am aware of the financial pressures, in particular that young gardaí, are under.”

“The fact that two members of the force were on the scene very quickly, and acted in such a swift fashion, ensured the safety of this young child.”

City council employee Turlough McNamara, who also witnessed the incident, hailed the two gardaí and the van driver as “heroes”.

“I looked up and saw a baby boy hanging over the window. I started to panic, I shouted at him, ‘go back, go back’. He was hanging over the window with his stomach out over it.”

Mr McNamara added: “It was frightening. A few of us screamed at the child to get back in. There was enough of us there that, if, God forbid he had jumped, we would have caught him.”


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