Rural forecasters cannot predict the weather, says RTÉ broadcaster Nuala Carey.

She said: “Met Éireann are using hi-tech scientific equipment so they would say, ‘Listen they would either be right or they’d be wrong.’

“Obviously, if I thought people in the mountains could do the job better than me or any of my colleagues we’d all be out of a job. I don’t believe it.”

Ms Carey did acknowledge some people can predict weather in the short term.

“Some people that look at animals and that, they give you maybe 20 minutes’ notice of a shower but it’s not going to give you two days’ notice,” she said.

While Ms Carey is looking forward to a good summer, again she said the upcoming season cannot be predicted in advance. “Summer doesn’t officially start until June 1 anyway so it hasn’t even technically arrived. But no, nobody could predict that far out but, like everybody else in the country, I’m dying for a good summer,” the RTE weather forecaster told the Irish Examiner.

Contrary to the beliefs of Independent Kerry TD Danny Healy-Rae, who recently disputed the reality of climate change by saying that “God above is in charge of the weather”, Ms Carey said the writing is on the wall.

 Brian Dobson with James Joyce lookalike Paul Kennedy and BikeRally grand marshal Graham Wilkinson in Dublin’s SandymountGreen.
Brian Dobson with James Joyce lookalike Paul Kennedy and Bike

Rally grand marshal Graham Wilkinson in Dublin’s Sandymount


“I work for RTÉ not Met Éireann, I’m not a meteorologist but the proof is in the pudding, the climate is changing,” she said.

“People say things like climate change doesn’t exist or whatever, but that is wrong, it is happening.”

Commenting on the issue of a gender pay gap in RTÉ, as mentioned by Kathryn Thomas earlier in the week, Ms Carey said she has not experienced it. “I haven’t come across it because there is no male weather presenter in RTÉ. The only people who do it are women and I’ve been told we’re all on the same pay,” she said.

“I don’t think women should be afraid to ask for what their male counterparts are being paid. If I thought someone was getting paid more for the same position I was doing I wouldn’t be happy.”

Ms Carey was talking at the launch of the annual Brennans Bloomsday Messenger Bike Rally that takes place on June 10. The event has raised €873,000 for community and voluntary groups throughout the country over the last 23 years.


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