Celebrity chef and model, Roz Purcell stole the show at the 3XE Digital Conference in Croke Park yesterday.

The former Miss Universe Ireland, author and online blogger took to the stage dressed casually in cropped black trousers and a bronze ruffled top, to reveal how she has used social media to drive her Natural Born Feeder food business.

The model and foodie told the audience of social media and digital marketing professionals how she is as passionate about posting online and social networking as she is about food.

“It’s nice to be up here talking about something so personal and something I’m so passionate about. I just love to talk, so stop me if I go over time” she joked.

Roz, 25, who was accompanied at the event by her sister Rachel — a digital marketing manager working with one of the event exhibitors, Connector.ie — said she uses multiple social platforms to connect with consumers.

Roz Purcell
Roz Purcell

“Instagram is my best friend. I post images to it all the time. It allows me to draw viewers in through the senses and to engage with people easily. It’s also led me to new people and new places all around the world,” said Roz.

Initially reluctant to try out Snapchat, Roz says she is now addicted to the instant messaging site.

“I was hugely against Snapchat at the start. I didn’t think I had time for a new social media channel but I’m totally addicted to it now.

“It shows people the unedited version of everything I do, online. It shows my personality and my personal life and people have been hugely responsive to it,” she said.

However, the model’s constant use of social media has occasionally led to complaints from her boyfriend of four years, musician and mental health advocate, Bressie, she told the Irish Examiner.


“Bressie’s not as into social media as I am and he’s always telling me to put the phone down!

“But I think he understands how it’s helped me connect with people and build a brand following. I’m mentoring him a bit now on the IT side of things so maybe he’ll start using social media more to his advantage,” she said.

The food writer who admits to having had a “downward relationship with food” while she was modelling full time, said her openness and honesty online have helped her build trust with her followers.

“A lot of young girls could relate to that and it brought a lot of people into my social media channels and built a sense of trust because people knew I was being very open and honest about myself.

“Social media got me my first book deal and transformed me from being a model to an author. It’s allowed me to grow my audience and branch out internationally and who knows where it will take me,” she said.


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